My Name is Óscar Forniés Macedo

Born at 20 / 05 / 1980

What are the meanings of this my name?


Forniés:"Those who worked in the Oven"


Chinese Zodiac say I am a Monk of Metal

Welcome to the era of Fire!

We Came In Peace - Wukong / Hanuman

('I am what you call Bird or Amateur Radio Satellite')

And as you can see, I am the version 99 with 1 bonus!

Math is only a numeric expression.

I am an expression too, in a numeric synchronism... ^( date )^

My intention is to change the World in the name of Love!

I didn't wrote a technical book with complex abstracts ideas.

I did a pure simplification of what can be complex!

( I can only simplify what is equal or bigger than me )

I love Existence, Philosophy but mostly Religions ( message )

In All Religions and All "stories", they tell you to pay attention to the censorial Life!

You are breaking nature!

My Becoming is an exclusive opportunity to change the world!

As we All say: this was our try, not our choice!

Text, Music and 'World Cleaner' dedicated to:

Bruce Lee and Severn Cullis-Suzuki, Buddha, Shiva, Hanuman, Wukong, Dalai Lama, etc...

For many of you a simple fantasy story...

Be free to give your own interpretation!

We Bring you Luck!

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